Professional Surveillance

Do you need to monitor your home or business utilizing the latest video technologies? West Shore Media Systems has years of experience designing and installing a wide variety of professional surveillance systems. We offer complete installed camera systems to fit any type of budget. All installs are warranted with the manufacturer's warranty and (1) year on labor from the initial installation date. Contact us today for complimentary consulation.

Example Markets:

  • Retail/Jeweler

  • Restaurant/Bar

  • Professional office

  • Campus/Parking

  • Warehouse

  • Apartment complex

  • Automotive

  • Church/Synagogue

  • Residential

Frequently Asked Questions:

I saw this great system at (insert big box retailer). Why can't I just buy that and have you install it?

You can buy these kits; we just won't install them. The problem is these kits are designed as a one kit fits all. They are typically made up of fixed focal length cameras (often wide angle), a recorder (often with a small hard drive), and some premolded cable. The cameras are generally the least expensive camera that the manufacturer offers.

We custom tailor our surveillance systems to meet your needs and don't use a "kit" and make your needs fit the kit. There are many variables and many camera options available that often prevent kits from working well for your situation. Please note that these kits generally include premolded cable. We never use it and it should never be installed. The reason for this is that it can't easily and reliably be field repaired.

Can I record audio?

In Ohio you are able to record audio. Ohio is a one party consent state, so there are restrictions, however. If a business is recording audio at a returns desk, for example, the employee accepting the returns must be aware that audio is being recorded. The customer in this situation does not need to be aware. On the other hand, if a bar is recording customer's conversations, then there must be a way of notifying customers that audio recording is taking place. This is typically done by placing overt signage at every customer entrance. If you are unsure, please consult with an attourney. 

What is WDR and why do I need cameras with WDR?

WDR stands for wide dynamic range. There are two common types of WDR, digital WDR (DWDR) and multi-exposure WDR (True WDR). We will ignore DWDR as it is a marketing term to claim a camera has WDR. True WDR takes multiple exposure and blends them together for proper exposure. WDR is generally needed for difficult scenes, such as when a camera is aimed at an exterior door to record anyone entering a building. An example is shown below.